gas spring cross reference chart

Those standard sizes are up to 200, 450, 800, 1250, 2500 and 5000N with threads of M3.5, M5, M8, M10 and M14. 271 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[]/Index[263 22]/Info 262 0 R/Length 60/Prev 987123/Root 264 0 R/Size 285/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream Y2I4Yjg0MzBkMDQ2OTNmODc4M2JiZjhhNmRkYzlhMDQ2MTk3OTdlOTE5MzA0 -----BEGIN REPORT----- They also do not over inflate the shipping costs, and they arrived within 2 days with Std Shipping. Gas springs. 0000559435 00000 n Our customer service representatives are knowledgeable and want to make sure you are satisfied. To further assist our customers with product selection and design, we provide an online catalog with complete dimensional, mounting and accessory information with downloadable CAD models. MGE3Mzk1MmJlZDI2YmVhZDdjZmM0Mjk1YzQ5NmU5ZjgzOTVlYjcxNzBhMzNk The four force models (0.5 ton to 3.2 ton) are completely serviceable and have a side port allowing for easy pressure adjustment, charging or linked operation using DADCOs exclusive MiniLINK fitting system. 0000560088 00000 n No matter what car youre driving from Acura to Volvo and every other automaker in between we have the lift supports you need. 0000549486 00000 n 0000240326 00000 n 0000418449 00000 n A standard G 1/8 port across the eight force models (0.4 ton to 7.4 ton) is provided for easily converting to linked operation. Check out all information about our gas struts or order online directly. View Specifications, Gas Spring - Lip Seal - AVM Gas Springs are custom-engineered and manufactured beyond industry standards to provide smooth operation and durability. Rank in 1 month. Gas springs in every size, force and implementation. Here you can search for KALLER Gas Spring equivalents when you know the other brand's gas spring information. With seven force models (from 0.17 ton to 10 ton) this series provides the greatest stroke length variety available from DADCO. These options are designed for applications where draw die compounds and other contaminants are present. ZmNjNThjNDUwOTc5NmYxYWU0NDcwYjVjY2YxYzlkNzViNDlhNTkzYmIyNmY5 Micro gas springs are available in two upgrades: H1 Models for applications up to 110C (230F) or H2 Models for applications from 110C 200C (230F 392F). One of our specialists will be happy to assist you by e-mail or telephone. 0000556275 00000 n 0000560037 00000 n You can of course also check our FAQ first. 0000553148 00000 n Available in two force models (1.5 ton, 3 ton), this series has the capability to be operated in either a self-contained system or a linked system and utilizes standard mounts. The gas spring is filled with non-toxic nitrogen under high pressure. Our products top the industry in craftsmanship and innovation. 0 Correspondingly, the effect of transverse forces acting on the gas springs should be avoided in general. The Lip Seals used in our Gas Springs are ideal for general use and in particular, for high-frequency applications. Gas springs Steel Up to 200N, M3.5 thread Up to 450N, M5 thread Up to 800N, M8 thread Up to 1250N, M8 thread Up to 2500N, M10 thread Up to 5000N, M14 thread Stainless Steel - 304 Up to 450N, M5 thread Up to 800N, M8 thread Up to 1250N, M8 thread Up to 2500N, M10 thread Gas tension springs Up to 350N, M5 thread Up to 1200N, M8 thread Mounting parts 0000005389 00000 n 0000004956 00000 n View Specifications, Gas Spring with a Multi-Lobe Seal -AVM is the only company to build Gas Springs with a multi-lobe seal. 74 117 gas spring cross reference chart gas spring company colmar pa gas strut co colmar pa 2-199 Pieces $7.00 200-1999 Pieces $2.50 2000-19999 Pieces $1.70 >=20000 Pieces $1.20 Load Type: compression TORSION EXTENSION Gas Load Capacity: 90LB 100LB 44LB 40LB 50LB 7LB 55lb 85LB 22LB 20LB 10LB 25LB Wire gauge: 23 $ + 19 $ + 16 $ + All 7 Options Samples: Phone 616.241.4200 0. NDI5ODg2YWI2NWRmYWEzMzczOGNjMWI4MDU4ZTk2ZGVkZWYyN2NmNTYxMjll In many industries gas springs are being used. 0000158441 00000 n Y2IzMzk0NTE5Mzc2NzY2NWYzYWJkYTJhZDBkZTllY2E0ZGI0ZjE3Y2VmMzhk Gas springs, also known as gas shocks or gas struts, come in several sizes and forces. The bore-sealed construction of this series offers the highest force per diameter model from DADCO. A Gas Spring is an energy-storage device similar in function to mechanical coil springs. This series replaces the 90.10R RIC Series utilizing concepts from DADCOs ISO Series. All Rights Reserved. We can help you find the right gas spring. 0000355821 00000 n OTkxYzA2YzFiOWEwY2U1NDViMjFmODdmMWM2YjhlNWJmMWRmNzUyMjA0NzMz As can be seen from the graphic, the spring characteristic represents the force progression of the gas spring over the stroke, from the extended to the inserted state and back. MDQ5OTFjZjcyYmQzMzhiY2NmZjkyOTExZjRmM2Q3MmUyZmNiMzQ4OTZlZTM0 Gas Springs always require some initial force to begin compression, while mechanical springs have a characteristic known as free length. View Specifications, Paint Assist Gas Springs -AVM gas springs are an industry first in their ability to survive high temperature paint ovens used in the automotive industry. Also, if you dont have a gas spring yet, you can easily assemble a gas spring with matching mounting parts using our gas strut configurator. Our products top the industry in craftsmanship and innovation. Boasting over 6,000 products, our experts can perfectly pair you with the automotive struts and other parts you need. M2E5MGEwOGI4YzhjZTQ4ZTIwMThjNjdiYzdiNWY0MTg1OTBiYzI4YzFhNjM1 Be sure to review the products made by these reliable brands and shop confidently, knowing that your replacement parts will serve you for years to come. In the process, the spring characteristic value represents the force ratio F2/F1. 0000034790 00000 n 714.484.3000 x200 Fax: 714.484.3014 Attwood Gas Springs Cross Reference (not made by Attwood) These gas springs are not designed, manufactured, and/or supplied by Attwood. The tension springs we offer are up to 350N with a M5 thread or up to 1200N with a 8M thread. Gas Springs can be designed with a very low spring rate utilizing a small package. Stabilus is a global leader when it comes to providing superior lift support solutions for the automotive industry, as well as universal applications. The orientation is described by the angle between the direction of gravity and the closed door, as shown in the examples to the left. Click on the 360 degrees button to view the product in 3D. To cross reference a gas spring on our site, please do the following: Determine the extended length of your gas spring. %%EOF Gas springs are tested in our technical department on systems, test equipment and trial facilities: The following conditions are generally to be observed when selecting the suitable SUSPA gas spring: SUSPA gas springs correspond to the highest requirements in a variety of application areas due to their basic design and their reliability. If desired, the damping can also occur dynamically. The spring force required is usually several times higher than the weight of the door. The suspension comfort of a pneumatic spring can be determined as needed and for the respective task. If you dont see exactly what you need, just ask. 0000005825 00000 n NTBhZjc0ZTcwN2JmZGY4ZDgxMmYxMTNlOWMyY2ZiMDg3ZTFkMTFiNDIwY2Zk is the number #1 in gas springs and mountings. 0000361211 00000 n Both systems are cost effective, lighter, and easier to handle and store over comparable manifold systems. 0000158277 00000 n Genesis Gas Spring - 18.504" Extended 121 lbs. They take care of the controlled movement sequence and offer the following advantages: Simple installation If you ever have a problem finding the right part, contact us, and one of our team members will be delighted to assist you. Pi`"'6R-iwZjrV-YoR\*.dXqs$h+}a+c]AI30ZS>[U*[F[{Sx. 0000355092 00000 n Full-height gas springs that meet ISO 11901 and major automotive die standards. YTEzNGQwODE1M2VkMzgzNDBlNGE3MDg2MjliYTRlYzUyZGJjNDFkYjg2MmM2 Special Springs Gas Spring Conversion DADCO NITROGEN GAS CYLINDER CROSS REFERENCE Kaller Nitrogen Gas Cylinder Cross Reference 0000285808 00000 n We are happy to help you find a 100% suitable solution. 0000155051 00000 n By far the best deal on hatch struts on the Net! P.O. Lift Supports Depot has the right part for you. The Highest Standards in Lift Support Products In mechanical springs this initial force is called pre-load and requires additional hardware to achieve. Contact them today to get started. We are proud to offer a limited 5 year warranty on select lift support products. Attwood Gas Springs Cross Reference (not made by Attwood) - Lucid Gas Springs Los Alamitos, Ca. FREE STANDARD SHIPPING SITEWIDE and 4.99 EXPRESS SHIPPING on qualifying orders over $29.00* Click here for additional information. 0000285224 00000 n High Temperature nitrogen gas spring models extend the maximum temperature range with high temperature components. endstream endobj 264 0 obj <> endobj 265 0 obj <> endobj 266 0 obj <>stream These compact gas springs feature a radius bottom groove, metric mount patterns and G 1/8 port. 0000122419 00000 n 0000158759 00000 n Gas springs are hydropneumatic elements that can be adjusted in force. 2345 Camino Vida Roble I have been searching for about a month now for my 98 Integra. Any way I was very pleased with the level of service and speed that I received from Mr. Lous Stuff. Custom charged gas springs cannot be returned. 0000034834 00000 n The ratio of the diameter of the piston rod to the pipe determines the force progression of the spring characteristic. Connection parts to the pressure tube and the piston rod allow for the suitable connection for your application. We even carry the hard-to-find parts for most Ferrari, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Lotus, and Porsche models. Ask an expert! Therefore, they form a practical solution for opening, lowering, closing and lifting objects, like trap doors and caravan beds. Frequent special offers and discounts up to 70% off for all products! My account. This new compact spring provides up to four tons of force on contact, the most tonnage we offer in a 75 mm diameter body. 0000116372 00000 n 0000189007 00000 n %PDF-1.6 % 0000552946 00000 n The oil and gas within the cylinder moves from one side of the piston head to the other when compressed or extended, hb```a``b`e` B@V Ipfq+b6>xVDd}TU]+'pDe)RrJx:y'Y 7^$a=raJw u,ix1'eBNIdIy Mechanical springs do not have this ability. NDgzODc5MTZhOWY5ZjVlNjE4NThlZGFiZWFkZmM1ZDJiZjcwZTU5YjNhYmQx View Specifications. Gas springs with hydraulic damping can be designed as special versions according to the following principles: The SUSPA gas spring Liftline is individually designed depending on the installation situation. This series is available in five force models (from 0.75 ton to 7.5 ton). Please fill in (a part of) the article number. OTIxZjMzNTE0N2Q1ZTNiZWYxZWQ2YjgxMDQ3MWMxNzRlZjlkY2Y4MzVjYjQ1 Our companys goal is to provide a simple, service-oriented solution to the challenge of finding the right replacement automotive struts for your vehicle. First, I was pleased that all he needed was my Vin to know the exact matching part I needed. YzNhZDVjZWQwZGEzMjI2MWRkYzc1Y2ZmZGJhNzFlZWE0YjcyYzE5NzE3ZDY5 90.60/90.60N Series complies with Nissan die standards. Available in five force models (from 0.75 ton to 7.5 ton) this series is offered in inch stroke lengths. 0000159012 00000 n View Specifications, Off the Shelf Gas Springs -While AVM Industries is a Build To Order Manufacturer, we do offer a Standard Line of Gas Springs that we have Material more readily available and can be manufactured with a reduced lead time. Your gas spring may have a specified force in Newtons. Another significant difference is the spring rate. However, it is up to the user to check the suitability for the respective application case. UT Series springs comply with the Toyota Standard (SMS DNH 3203n) and feature a radius bottom groove, metric mount pattern and come standard with a G 1/8 port. Featuring the UltraPak cartridge, this series utilizes the established U Series technology but is 4-14 mm taller. SUSPA is a very innovative producer of gas springs (gas pressure dampers, gas pressure springs), hydraulic dampers, friction dampers (vibration dampers), lifting columns, piston rods, crash management and safety systems as well as complex drives and actuators. Need help finding a replacement gas spring ? We stock more than 6,000 lift supports, parts, and accessories for your vehicles and other applications. For this purpose, a longitudinal groove is provided in the pipe, which allows for a positionally-independent damping of the gas spring. 1158377. (My Infiniti dealer didnt carry the somewhat generic part for a 1992 car.) The patented 90.10RX Series reduces overall impact force during operation. The NPL is 25mm - 50mm shorter than NP. You only need one spring Yes, but your door is likely to twist with one spring. At Lift Supports Depot, our goal is to make searching for and purchasing the lift supports, gas springs, gas struts, and accessories you need easy and affordable. A Gas Spring stores energy by compressing the nitrogen gas within the Gas Spring. The gas springs, also called gas pressure springs, gas dampers or gas pressure dampers, will solve your individual requirements for opening, closing, tilting and damping flaps, tables, seats or loungers thanks to our decades of experience. We know its essential to get your lift supports and gas struts as quickly as possible. , Provide Guden with a some information on the form below. If you find no results, you can always try to put together a suitable gas spring using our gas strut configurator. Last but not least, we offer a Limited 5 year warranty for many of our gas struts, so you can shop with total confidence. As a mechanical coil spring is compressed, additional strain is placed within the spring, which adds to the springs stored energy. What is a gas spring? Our 15 years of data provide the knowledge to match the correct parts for your needs. If you find no results, you can always try to put together a suitable gas spring using our gas strut configurator. Featuring the UltraPak cartridge this series is available in five force models (1.0 ton to 10.7 ton). Generated by Wordfence at Sat, 4 Mar 2023 17:23:36 GMT.Your computer's time: document.write(new Date().toUTCString());. Brackets Ball stud kits; includes nuts and washers in two sizes 10 mm & 13 mm SA3000, SA3001 Important facts to remember: Gas springs can not always be compressed by hand. A 10 lb door requires a 10 lb force spring to counterbalance rarely true! 0000034458 00000 n ? Gas springs are hydropneumatic adjustment elements. Contact Downloads SUSPA Inc. Suspa Stabilus Bansbach Faucher Normont Spring Lift Call 1-306-683-5000 or drop us a quick email. the company that produced my flush mount tonneau has long since gone out of business.I had no way to keep then tonneau up at shows unless i propped it up with a cut down broom handle (looked bad) thanks to your extensive cross reference list I was not only able to get a replacement set of struts, but also able to step up 10 lbs each side to help hold it up in the Kansas wind at shows..I have attached a pic of the truck so you can see and will defiantly be back for any other struts I need. NTJmNzBkZjUyYWMxNjUzNjAyM2ZjZTZkMmVmOTUwYzdiNWMxNmMwOTIwMjI0 You can easily search by type or article number on our website by using the replacement tool. The UK Series features four models with common G 1/8 ports for linked operations and longer tapped threads for base mounting. ODYwMWY2YjFiOGM2ZjQyODU1YzczZWZiNDhkZmQyNzc1MDJhODI4MDM0NTRl It is the responsibility of the customer to determine all required dimensions. Imprint| startxref Gas Springs are not limited to just these uses, and in fact can be used in many applications where mechanical springs are applied. The piston rod is braked by the oil. If the extension force is lower, then the piston rod retracts. The flow cross-section in the damping system determines how quickly the extension occurs. Install new lift supports in the same 0000283120 00000 n MWE2MmY4NjQ3OTk5ZWRlM2UxODVlOGFhZTNiZjljOGMyOTE5MTUwYjZmMjVj 0000556055 00000 n Determine the extended length of your gas spring. ZWIwYzdjY2Q3ZjdmYmUwZTI0ZjE1NDU1MzllYTdmYmFiNmQxMDAxMzZiMDg3 0000116020 00000 n Gas Springs in their free length require some initial force before any movement takes place. MDJmNmM0NTEzOTIzYjhjM2Q5NTU3ZjEzMDU3NmIxMGE5NmM5OTY4YmYxM2M3 All our gas springs are equipped with a valve. 0000278575 00000 n SUSPA is a development and system partner for technically complex applications in . Unlike big box retailers, when you call our customer service team with any questions whatsoever, youll be speaking one-on-one with a real person who has real-world experience. Here you can design your own gas spring. 90.8N Series complies with Nissan die standards. We have a database for thousands of cross reference part numbers. Resolve nitrogen gas spring contamination problems with DADCOs Extreme Condition Solutions. No problem. In addition to automotive parts, we feature lift supports, parts, and accessories for lawn mowers, tool boxes, toy boxes, attic doors, concession stands, aircraft storage doors, tanning beds, and various industrial applications. As a leading manufacturer of, 2018 - 2021 Special Springs // Privacy Policy and Sitemap. 0000053938 00000 n The avm gas spring cross reference chart model was developed by, and our research and testing hours were endless. 0000016837 00000 n I wanted to thank you.the application I needed the lift struts for was no longer available. Spring Operational Requirements Upload a sketch or technical drawing or photo This is critical to fully describe spring and door positions. Ideal for stampers of small parts, these extremely popular springs are durable and conveniently available in three force models (0.3 ton, 0.5 ton, 0.75 ton). M2M5N2IzYjE2YWZhYmUyNTM3NTMxNDNiNzIxYjgwZDg2ZGNhODRhMjQxNGVi With products from the most trusted brands in the industry, including Stabilus (formerly known as Sachs), StrongArm, Suspa, and LSD, our online store is your first and last stop for all lift support parts. 0000005585 00000 n A longer stroke means smaller required forces of the gas spring and in this respect smaller reaction forces at the pivotal points. 0000330901 00000 n (Maximum total file size is 15Mb) Input the following coordinates in door-closed position 0000154703 00000 n ZGYyODkzOTQwMWNiMzZkODMzZWVmNWNiZGY2Nzk5NDE5NjYzMGJiNWM4NjQ5 0000017102 00000 n The UX Series fits the standard full-height gas spring envelope with 25-55% more force-on-contact; resulting in reduced die construction costs with fewer cylinders. Our cross reference guide will be available soon. 90.5B2 Series is slightly shorter than the full height/ISO standard and is a direct replacement for the obsolete 90.5B Series. Y2ExY2Y1ZDRiMmQwYTQyZGI0NTM3MmY5OGQxOTQ0MTg0Y2ZlMGNmMzdlOGVh Here is our ranking! Whether youre looking for a Murphy bed conversion kit to save some space in your apartment or a new support system for the canopy on your RV, weve got the widest selection of high-quality products to meet your needs. Do not puncture or incinerate. But dont take our word for it; read what our satisfied customers have to say about their experience with Lift Supports Depot. Y2VlMDMxODU3OWFkZjZkZjZkMWE2YWJiNjc0YzQxMzQ1MzgwYzQzMzAyOGQw 9FNp40Jt0u40pt00bdZ*'f40 &u*]4ELx6=XPyL `x`Px_hH`yH3q/f{3r s Estimate Value. As soon as you enter the article number in our replacement tool, you will see various options that can replace your current gas spring (see example below). Available in nine force models (from .4 ton to 18 ton) this series can suit a variety of well-designed die applications. 0000004553 00000 n MWI3MmUxMjkyNjE4MWM5OTBhYmJjNTlmZGYzZWI3NmUwMGZmMjhmM2FkODVm Extended rod guidance provides side load resistance and is available in 15 80 mm stroke lengths. 0000002636 00000 n The force F1 is measured 5 mm before the end of the extension movement, thus defining the value of the spring force. When designing a pneumatic spring, the force F1 is the most important criterion in addition to the dimensions. 0000004406 00000 n 0000284507 00000 n MzRiZGNmODJhY2ExZGM2YTU3OWY0ZWRmMWUyZmUxNGU1NzcxMGJlZDAyZmRk Super Compact Series is ideal for applications that require high force and short stroke lengths. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. /7~uRA4e1ZwSlzE+QlXOq5L_5r*GD$U[rsY=+toXM_;0 v]s@jU]>37c|RIsg)y @Bywk"of;KR9{[>$o`akKIQIe_M3y/J .cId>R"h4 TP cVE%SQ]/,II]Wkj(-v4MNt:^Tp Top SEO sites provided "Gas spring cross reference chart" keyword . 0000330553 00000 n Dynamic Damped Gas Springs (VMX) -Dynamic dampening is available on AVMs full range of Gas Springs. You can easily search by type or article number on our website by using the replacement tool. 0000282940 00000 n 0000019154 00000 n After finding the right product, you choose the force and the amount. Let us know how the samples worked in your application. We will be pleased to provide you with samples of the gas spring and mounting hardware for you to test in your application. YThkYTQ1ZTM5NzM0OGNiNTMyZGI3N2U5NDI1ZDU2MjcyZTg2NWE1YmIwZjc1 SRS Specialty slow return gas springs that reduce pad bounce and allows for repeatable stamping processes. Using two gas springs delivers better performance, reliability and safety. Determine the force required in pounds. The extension speed is divided into two types of damping: With the standard gas spring, the extension speed is controlled via a pneumatic and hydraulic range. 0000115849 00000 n Force PART NUMBER: GSS 1143UB $38.12 A gas spring cross reference chart is very useful if you want to replace a gas spring. 0000283464 00000 n You can easily search by type or article number on our website by using the replacement tool. This site uses cookies to maintain site functionality, performance, and to enhance your browsing experience. This is the length of the spring with no force applied. ZmNkODBhZmYxNzNkN2I2MWE1ZGIzNWE2YWFlYTRhYzQ0MjI1YTM4MjQwYzZm A gas spring, also known as a gas strut, is a type of spring that, unlike a typical mechanical spring that relies on elastic deformation, uses compressed gas contained within an enclosed cylinder sealed by a sliding piston to pneumatically store potential energy and withstand external force applied parallel to the direction of the piston shaft.. Common applications include automobiles (where . xb``a`QA,=@MAk>1iBMi@2 0000187282 00000 n OGQyYjBhNzUxZTAyNjk1YjE5NzRmNWIzMTk2OTBhMmFhOWM5MzUxNTViMzQx Our customers have used these gas springs to replace gas springs supplied by SPD. Replace in pairs where applicable. Order now and experience it yourself! Special Springs, LLC North America 7707 Ronda Drive, Canton Michigan 48187 USA. Second, his price was lower than our local Kragens, even including the shipping. The force FR resulting from the friction is created between the force lines in the insertion and extension direction. Force PART NUMBER: GSS 1755UY $29.54 Genesis Gas Spring - 17.205" Extended 94 lbs. NzAyYmM4MDQyMmU0N2UyOTdjYTcyNTRiMjIwOGM4NjZhNGE5YzJkNTEyMjdh The more information the better. For qualifying orders over $29 (not including shipping or tax), customers receive free shipping. MmE1YmFhOTIwY2Y4ODBkODQxNjM2YWY4NWM3ZTc3ZTdjOTUxNWNiYTE5YWI3 ZDVjMTkxYzZmZDI0MzI0MjRhN2JhNmU0NmYyMzhlMzkzMjgxNzMxMGU4YWJj 0000060037 00000 n 0000227906 00000 n 0000120313 00000 n Please contact us without obligation. Your first choice partner in advanced motion-control solutions with the unique product portfolio of its segment experts. This generates the extension force. 0000019361 00000 n 0000549652 00000 n Category. Using two gas springs delivers better performance, reliability and safety. ZGE1NjU5ZGY1MDcyM2Q2YzRhOWZiM2M5Nzc1YjQyYmMwNzg4YTdhNDE1YTJj We are happy to help. Not sure if your order will get to you on time? A Gas Spring is an energy-storage device similar in function to mechanical coil springs. Sub plates may be added to the springs to operate in a linked system. To further assist our customers with product selection and design, we provide an online catalog with . Each SMS and SMS-i is constructed to individual customer specifications then tested and shipped leak-free, ready to install. NjliMmNlMzI5ZTc1NzNiIiwic2lnbmF0dXJlIjoiNzY5YWExOTRhMDk3OGVm 0000285458 00000 n For over 15 years, weve built a database containing information about each and every part in our extensive inventory. This is our special offer, as most other providers give you 1 year at most. Copyright 2023 DADCO. View Specifications, Locking Gas Springs -AVM locking Gas Springs allow the user to lock the unit in any position during operation of the Gas Spring. Whatever length, diameter, material and force you need: we sell it. After 40 years in the retail auto parts business, we decided to open a family-run specialty automotive business focusing on lift supports. xref This ensures the hermetic sealing of the interior with low friction, even under extreme environmental conditions. yxD^` !2\I For more information go to, Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | Sitemap, Copyright 2023 Lift Supports Depot - All rights Reserved, Look for our EXPRESS SHIPPING ICON for items that qualify for, 13.64'' Stabilus 5B-763867 Lift Support | 5B-763867-W, 20.20'' Stabilus 4B-737350 Lift Support | 4B-737350-W, Stabilus 4B-739749 Lift Support | 4B-739749-W, 15.10'' Stabilus 5B-678079 Lift Support | 5B-678079-W, 10.00'' Stabilus 5B-5171KB Lift Support | 5B-5171KB-W, 10.82'' Lift Supports Depot SE108P76 Lift Support | SE108P76-W, 17.58'' Stabilus 4B-755514 Lift Support | 4B-755514-W, 17.74'' Stabilus 4B-963687 Lift Support | 4B-963687-W, 18.54'' Stabilus 4B-460093-942 Lift Support | 4B-460093-942-W, Stabilus 739749-740227 Lift Support | 739749-740227-W, 24.60'' Stabilus 3B-6512AJ Lift Support | 3B-6512AJ-W, 24.80'' Stabilus 3B-6371IO Lift Support | 3B-6371IO-W, Standard Eyelet End Fitting Lift Supports, 10mm Stainless Steel Ball Stud Mounting Hardware, 13mm Stainless Steel Ball Stud Mounting Hardware. ZjRmNDk1OTVlZGRlM2E3ZmJjYmM1NDg0MDEzM2M2ODExZmQ1YzE1YjI5MWRj If the extension force of the gas spring is higher than the force of the counterweight, the piston rod extends. With our wide variety, we can often find a gas spring in stock that matches the online you are looking for, or comes very close. This store was about half the price, of the lowest I could find anywhere else! Engineered to comply with global industry specification standards, ournitrogen gas springsexceed all industry standards for quality, making them: View the conversion chart or let the experts at Special Springs assist with your project requirements. 0000022989 00000 n NzQxOTNhZmU0ZDY2ZTZmMTEzMjY2Nzg4YzQ3ZDY4NzRlMmVkYTU5YWRmODVj Now that you know the extended length and force go to the categories below and determine the right Maxum part for your application. Get Free Shipping on All Orders $29+ at Lift Supports Depot, Example: F85-278-406A-11AAEnter Above: F85278406A11AA. Carbon Steel Gas Springs Stainless Steel Gas Springs Tension Gas Springs Welded Eyelet Gas Springs Brackets & Mounts Gas Spring End Fittings View & Download our Catalog Customer Testimonials PH:306-683-5000 Toll Free (US & Canada):1-888-878-0837 Fax:1-306-683-6403 LST Gas Springs / Lift Supports How is a gas spring built, how does it work and how do you find the right gas spring for your purpose? Do you need a gas spring cross reference chart? YmM0YmJiMDUyNzBmNGY1MTE1NGExZjE4YzhiOGNiMTQwZTI3ODQ4OGY2ZDli NmMzNTY5MzA4NjFlNmFkZDFkMDMzZWEzMzE3NWEzNGI3MzVmMDUwOTZmZGMz A gas spring cross reference chart is very useful if you want to replace a gas spring. 0 0000009207 00000 n <]>> 0000359483 00000 n 0000047888 00000 n The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. Determine the force required in pounds. Then you can continue to the shopping cart. We stand behind the products and brands we sell at Lift Supports Depot. MzgifQ== Click the link to the right to access the Digital Version of our popular Fifth Edition Mini Book. This solution offers a higher level of safety against the gas spring buckling. 0000005681 00000 n SUSPA gas springs offer comfort and safety in many applications. 0000004504 00000 n The U.0400-U.20000 models incorporate DADCOs exclusive UltraPak cartridge technology; a superior bearing and seal providing excellent wear characteristics that extend gas spring life. eyJtZXNzYWdlIjoiMjEzMGRmOGVlYzRlZWIwMDMwNDkwOGE1ZjZiNGU1NzU0 If you know the type of lift supports and hardware you need, click on the relevant category below to get started.

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gas spring cross reference chart

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Ludwig Leichhardt – Durch den Kern der dunklen Masse

In Down Under kennt ihn jedes Kind. Man nennt ihn auch den Humboldt Australiens. Flüsse, Berge, Pflanzen und ganze Distrikte sind nach ihm benannt.
Leichhardt wird 1813 am Schwielochsee geboren.
1841 reist er nach Australien, dessen Territorium nur zu einem Fünftel den englischen Kolonisten bekannt ist. Seine erste Expedition führt ihn auf eine Nordostpassage von Brisbane in das Gebiet des heutigen Darwin.

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gas spring cross reference chart

gas spring cross reference chart

Peter Adler

Kai-Uwe Kohlschmidt (Autor/Komponist)

Arta Adler

Momo Kohlschmidt

gas spring cross reference chart

Die Künstler von Mangan25 begaben sich vom 25. August bis 14. September 2019 auf erneute Spurensuche durch die Simpson Wüste.

Alices Springs → MacDonnell-Range → Ruby Gap → Mulligan-River → Boulia – Ross River →  Alice Springs

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